Kreuzberg, Berlin

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    This cool little cocktail bar is funky in a low level way that feels like pure Berlin. Homes has deep red walls, brown bench seating and a clear yen for the 1970s just look at all that velour! An ├╝ber-afro'd Cleopatra Jones-alike pouts down from walls which are decorated with a clutter of photographs and funky art. The music is a mix of funk, soul and electro. The crowd is appealingly eclectic and most importantly - drinks are right on the money: quality cocktails that cover all the bases. They serve an excellent range of martinis, the full complement of classics as well as some more idiosyncratic concoctions. (We quite liked the Sleepy Hollow, with Gin and Apricot Brandy, and we're taken with the fact that the menu has a whole section of drinks called 'Alternatinis' where variants include elderflower, cardamom, grape and, um, cheesecake). Like most Berlin bars worth their salt, there's also a decent selection of scotch on offer, and a reasonable if not extensive selection of beers, wines and champagnes, all priced about how you'd expect for this generally very affordable city. Teetotallers needn't feel left out either, as there's a nice selection of mocktails and soft drinks too. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, increasingly lively as the evening progresses and not at all pretentious; they also have regular DJ nights. There's also, for reasons we haven't been able to ascertain, a large silver sculpture of a pig standing on the bar, but he's so cute we're willing to forgive the slight randomness of his being there.

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