The Hat Bar

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The Hat Bar


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May 11, 2018

A stylishly-retro bar and jazz club in Berlin, The Hat hits things out of the park with its combination of fine cocktails and sweet jazz jam sessions.

Underneath an unassuming set of train tracks in the middle of Berlin, you will find the gracefully-arched brick facade of a club called The Hat, complete with retro neon sign. If you listen closely, above the buzz of the neon, you’ll hear the smooth sounds of jazz billowing out to float through the city night, and if you’re like us, you’ll quickly make a beeline for the front door. 
Once on the inside, you are surrounded by old school touches everywhere (think wide-blade ceiling fans, white-tiled walls, and framed pictures of jazz greats behind the bar) at The Hat, but it’s the cocktails and the music that get us the most excited. A bar staff sporting sharp vests and other period touches doles out a fine selection of whisky, rum, gin and other liquors, pouring them into classic cocktails like martinis and manhattans, among many others. Yes, many people prefer a vintage cocktails while they listen to jazz, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the bar shies away from modern concoctions, as they embrace this trend just as heartily. As far as the jazz (and that’s why we walked in the door, remember?), there are live jam sessions held each and every night of the week, with big names known to drop in from time-to-time. Bottom line: whether or not you’re a jazz fiend, you will love this bar.