13900 Cocktail Bar

Biella-City Center

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A beautiful bar and cafe in Biella, Italy, 13900 Cocktail Bar brings high end cocktail mastery, coffee pouring, and food to this gorgeous Piedmont town.

A cocktail bar and cafe in the beautiful town of Biella in Northwest Italy, 13900 is the place to go for a good time and a great drink from morning until night.
The venue describes its offerings as ‘coffee, spirits, kitchen’, and while we admire the simplicity of the slogan, it is underselling things a bit too much for our liking.  13900 Cocktail Bar serves the type of food and drinks you shout from the rooftops about, and this being Biella, they would be gorgeous tile rooftops, naturally.  The superlatives start with the design of the space, home to walls covered in resplendent red wallpaper, floors of light brown and seating made from luxurious leather. Naturally, we love the bar, as it is made of a grey wood (complete with characterful knots) and is adorned with candles and crystalline vessels for cocktail condiment storage.
It’s the fixtures behind the bar though that require the most accolades, as the team of old-school suspender-wearing bartenders whip up modern cocktail magic. While you could go with a timeless martini or manhattan (and you would no doubt be served a stunning version), there is an entire roster or tipples brought to life using the latest mixology techniques and artisan spirits. The same attention is paid to the coffee and fare on offer, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself making more than one stop here in a day.