3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Drink in Boston is one of the best when it comes to cocktails. Pick your favourite base spirit and let the experts do the rest! Find out more here.

The name is admirably to the point. This is a bar that celebrates the wet stuff in all its forms. The project of bar wizards, John Gertner and Misty Kalkofen, Drink is the top of the pile when it comes to cocktails in Boston. Instead of flicking through a drinks list and growing increasingly baffled by the choice, here you’re invited to pick your favourite base spirit and let the experts go to work. And experts they are: these bespoke cocktails are something special. Given the thought and care involved in preparing your drink, service can be on the slow side, but given the degree of attentiveness and skill this is forgivable, indeed it’s a small price to pay. There are quality bar snacks and a pleasant, near reverential, atmosphere.

What their peers say
“The M.I. T. of mixology, or what you get when veteran barmen John Gertsen teams up with chef Barbara Lynch on a cocktail bar in the midst of their take over of the Boston dining and drinks scene. Three interconnected bars, each with their own distinct mis en place, serve drinks chilled with a variety of ice in the vintage glassware that Gertsen collected for years before the bar opened.” Jim Meehan of PDT, New York

“Boston’s epicenter for craft cocktails manages to balance attention to every detail with exceptional service, a fantastic playlist, and a mature and attractive crowd that doesn’t take itself to seriously.” Ryan Magarian