4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Mistral in Boston has a modern French menu and a modern-meets antique interior. Fruity cocktails flow all evening and the volume turns up at 11!

Hot new see-and-be-seen spot for the Back Bay’s beautiful people: try watching all the wandering eyes if you can take your own gaze off your steaming plate of rare tenderloin. The menu is modern French, leaning towards Provencal, but the preening and posing is positively Parisian. That said, regulars also like the modern-meets-antique interiors – those slightly distressed walls that merge beautifully with the high ceilings and tall arched windows. Seating is on yellow banquettes which give extra colour to the place, as do the fruity (if pricey) cocktails expertly prepared by bar-staff every bit as dashing as the customers. Since food is not served after 10pm, the drinks flows long and fast after that and the volume turns up to 11. Or should that be onze?