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Blanch House


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May 11, 2018

Blanch House is one of Brighton's original boutique hotels and is somewhat of an institution. Still worth a visit, if only for a drink at the elegant bar!

Blanch House is something of an institution, one of Brighton’s original boutique hotels – one of the first boutique hotels in the UK in fact. It’s undergone some changes over the years, and isn’t quite as feverishly hip as it once was but it remains a stylish place to stay the rooms are gorgeous and individually decorated – and even if you’re not staying, it’s well worth visiting the elegant little bar for a drink or two. Located in the midst of still faintly bohemian Kemp Town, in a handsome Georgian townhouse, a gleaming white building within sight of the sea (just), the hotel may not quite be the destination spot it once was, but it still ticks a lot of boxes. The champagne and cocktail bar serves a range of well-made, classic drinks, as well as an array of lovely bubbly. They’re particularly partial to a flute of Perrier Jouet. The Blanche House Royale blends Havana 3 year, Cointreau. Perrier Jouet (see), lime and mint, while the Beefeater 24 Bramble (one of our go-to drinks on a sunny evening) mixes Beefeater 24, lemon, soda, sugar and a good glug of Crßme de Cassis. There’s also a decent wine list and the place makes an excellent spot for marking a special occasion.