Late Night Drinking



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May 11, 2018

Lively bar and music venue often featuring a world-class DJ lineup, Coalition serves fruity cocktails, beer and wine on Brighton's seafront.

Coalition is located within an abandoned viaduct overlooking Brighton’s seafront, which makes for a very unique venue setting indeed. Inside, the nightclub and music venue features a series of brick-walled archways and tunnels lined with leather booths and tables for bottle service, as well as a spacious stage area which is proud to have hosted some of the world’s hottest DJs. Outside, Coalition sets up a terrace located directly on the beach – the perfect place to while away a few hours on a sunny day to the backdrop of glittering sea views.
The drinks menu at Coalition is perfect for the groups that gather for its lively gigs, in that the beers and ciders are sold by the bottle, pint, and the jug. There’s a small handful of wines and champagnes, along with some fun and fruity cocktails. The Love on the Pebbles (an homage to the city’s beach, no doubt) includes vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry and the Watermelon Martini (vodka, watermelon, sugar and lime) is the perfect cooler for sunnier days out on the terrace. The bar also serves slush versions of the pina colada and the strawberry daiquiri, packing a boozy punch into a childhood favorite. Food at Coalition is American-style hot dogs, burgers, nachos, salads and sharing platters – the perfect type of food to enjoy before imbibing at the late-night gigs indoors.
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