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May 11, 2018

The beverage only bar, Cobbler can be found in the side streets surrounded Brisbane, Australia’s west end. With a selection of over 400 whiskeys and an extensive cocktail menu, you cant go wrong.

Cobbler is by far a favoured bar on the outskirts of Brisbane’s west end. You can find the bar via an unmarked door, you will be amazed at the range of drinks accompanied by a fitting mix-match of furniture.
The Tiki/ New York loft style bar boasts a huge range of over 400 whiskeys laid out on a 6 page menu. Their whiskeys hail from Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Japan, America and of course Australia, and are laid out for all to see in a library styled shelf on the first floor, accompanied by a range of tequilas. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer choice of drinks, then you can narrow it down for yourself by looking at their categories of Beginners, Tasting Level, Master Level or Bartender’s Friend.

Their cocktails change seasonally, and they have plenty of beers on tap, it’s very easy to see why Cobbler is such a brilliant bar to visit. They serve their terrific range of drinks over hand-cut ice from large blocks, meaning that the ice is fresh, drinks less diluted and more likely to hold and not melt as you drink. There are two floors to Cobbler; the first floor sports vintage chesterfield chairs and a random penny cycle on the wall, while the upstairs is a mezzanine lounge, shrouded in velvet curtains and leather coaches.
Cobbler have a ‘Bring it yourself’ outlook on food. They don’t serve any meals or food here, so you are welcome to bring your own from surrounding restaurants or perhaps some homemade delights.

Top tip: don’t forget cutlery!

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