The Gresham


The Gresham


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A vintage bar full of both history and modern cocktail-making, The Gresham triumphantly brings back the glory days of one of Brisbane's grandest buildings.

Steeped in history, The Gresham – the only bar in Brisbane to reside in a heritage-listed building, we’ll have you know – blends both the past and the present together to pour out something truly special. 
Before you stroll on in and partake of one of their top-notch tipples though, you must know a bit about the bar’s background. First, the building it’s located in is a palatial beauty, originally designed as the Bank of Queensland by a renowned local architect; and second, The Gresham was the name of a grand hotel located across the street which has sadly been demolished. There won’t be a test later, but there will most certainly be cocktails as the treasure inside the vaults nowadays isn’t gold, but spirits, dished out in an atmosphere reminiscent of the era of the building’s glory days. Yes, dark wood floors and bar stools, Chesterfield couches, and cabinets full of curiosities set a very vintage tone, and the drinks on offer seal the deal. The Gresham are the keepers of one of the finest whisky collections in the country (from American bourbon to scotch and everything in between), and it features in several of their signature drinks. A couple of crowd favorites poured by an award-winning staff are the Death And Taxes – Irish whiskey, ginger, honey, apple, pineapple, walnut, and a cloud of smoke – and the John Hall Special – bourbon, cynar, dry and sweet vermouths, bitters, and maple syrup.