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May 11, 2018

A welcoming place for the entire Bristol community, Canteen is just as famous for its fantastic food, drink, and concerts, as its charitable endeavors.

Ambitiously opened in 2009 as a cafe, bar, and music space combination, Canteen has become wildly successful with this utterly unique mix, becoming a Bristol legend along the way. Describing themselves as responsible, delicious, and a little noisy at times, Canteen is an eclectic and welcoming space well-known for giving back to the community.

The space wasn’t born from a focus group, reading of trend tea leaves, or profiteering; no, it was created to be a welcoming place for people to come together, do good, and have a great time. Specifically, the venue was created in the likeness of what the founders look for in a venue when they go out: delicious food and drinks from local suppliers, a chilled out (and affordable) space, and sounds of great live music. Canteen pulls off all the aforementioned brilliantly, but to top it off, it donates anything over 10% annual profit directly back to the community.

The food served at Canteen adheres to ‘slow food’ tenants, being natural, fair, local, and most of all, delicious. The fare sways towards vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but not exclusively, as Canteen believes meat should still be enjoyed, just as a treat. One of the only two venues in Bristol to host gigs each and every night of the week, the stage at Canteen is alive with global music from Latin Jazz to African to American folk, and a diverse crowd swaying to their sounds.