The Bootlegger

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The Bootlegger


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May 11, 2018

A speakeasy without any air of pretension, Bristol’s The Bootlegger can offer a menu of over 90 different cocktails, along with beer, ale and cider.

Much like the old philosophical question about whether a tree falling in the woods makes a sound, we have to ask ourselves: can a speakeasy really be a speakeasy if it isn’t hidden from sight? Well, the folks behind The Bootlegger in Bristol certainly think so and they’ve done a good job of bucking the recent hideaway trend. There’s no faux shop-front here – the sign out front proudly displays The Bootlegger’s name and if you’re so inclined, you can even peek through the front windows to take a look inside. The interior of The Bootlegger is a mish-mash of modern wood fittings and vintage lightshades, but it’s the exposed brick walls that really give it the air of somewhere hidden and intriguing. The walls are adorned with Prohibition posters and there’s even a smaller, cosier, back bar that opens only on weekends, when the crowds get even bigger. When it comes to cocktails, The Bootlegger can whip up over 90 of them (yes, you read that right), including modern signature drinks as well as those made famous during the Prohibition era. All drinks are freshly poured and presented with love, with each one featuring natural and, where possible, local ingredients. Mason jars and martini glasses are the cocktail vessels of choice, but if fancy mixed drinks aren’t really your thing, The Bootlegger also stocks a great range of craft beers and ales, as well as cider and a selection of house shots (pickle juice and whisky, anyone?)