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    City-Center, Brussels

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    An upscale downtown spot that keeps pulling bigger crowds. Oh, and better DJs Some of the great have performed here. One thinks of Jeff Mills to Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin and even the French legend that is Laurent Garnie. True, there is not much in the way of competition, (Brussels is not a party city like Barcelona or Berlin) but Saturday nights are solely devoted to techno here in a big way. For it is then hip Bruxellois descends on this temple to techno to party wild and hard. Just make sure you can keep up with the revels. There's a cracking array of drinks on offer and impeccably mixed cocktails the will provide some much-needed rocket fuel. The staff are friendly to a fault, but there have been reports of inefficiency. Still, they'll be forgiven all when you sip one of the cocktails. Go forth and explore its three levels, the first of which to techno proper. The crude thump of House, jungle and hip-hop with its brand of hard-hitting doggerel can be heard on the other two floors. and yes, before you ask there is an inevitable 'Chill out' room to which you can repair when you've had your fill of the charivari elsewhere. As to dress code, make a point of donning your gladdest of rags. It is worth noting that cover charges are apt to vary according to time and indeed DJ. Arrive after midnight and it doubles. In short techno Belgique at its high-octane best.

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