City-Center, Buenos Aires

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    In a city filled with secret bars and speakeasies, Frank’s stands out as one of the originals in Buenos Aires, and still hands-down one of the best. In fact, having a drink here has become a downright iconic experience in the Argentinian capital, but you’ll have to figure out how to get in first. 
    It’s quite easy actually: all you have to do is look for the tiny sign that says ‘Frank’s’, get past the door guy, and then punch that night’s secret code into a telephone to get into the bar. Where do you find the code? Well, just like during Prohibition, the code is published on Frank’s social media channels (what do you mean they didn’t have Facebook back then?). 

    Read More Once inside, you are surrounded by vintage touches like crystal chandeliers, slick old school bar stools, and patterned wallpaper straight from the Jazz Age. Our favorite part though is the bar itself, a wooden beauty that looks as if it was ripped straight from an Old West saloon. The bar staff looks the part as they sport bow ties, suspenders, vests, and long era-appropriate necklaces, and they serve up some of the finest cocktails in the entire city. Yes, while Frank’s certainly looks back fondly on the past, their cocktail-making skills are up-to-the-minute, and in the end, that’s why you’ll be back. 

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