The Bolt Hole

Late Night Drinking

The Bolt Hole

Byron Bay-Centre

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Cans of craft beer, creative cocktails and American-style BBQ make The Bolt House the perfect place to catch up with friends or simply catch the sunset.

You may notice something missing from the long, shiny copper bar at The Bolt Hole upon first entering – there’s no beer taps cluttering up the space. The reason for this is that The Bolt Hole prides itself on being a can-only bar (or “tinnies”, if you’re from Down Under); they only serve craft-brewed beer in cans, not on draught or in bottles. But what they’re lacking in beer bottles, they’re more than making up for in spirits bottles, stocking a staggering number of gins, whiskies and artisanal spirits behind the aforementioned metal bar.

Fitted out with wide leather sofas, mis-matched wooden tables, exposed lightbulbs and panoramic windows that provide the perfect vantage point from which to gaze at the sunset, The Bolt Hole serves a food menu of American-style barbeque, lovingly-smoked in their own hand-crafted wood smoker imported directly from the USA. In addition to the smoked meats and seafood available, you can also get your hands on some chunky burgers and tacos – the perfect finger food to accompany those cold “tinnies”. When it comes to cocktails, The Bolt Hole has concocted some unique creations, such as the Insomnia – coconut tequila, strong coffee and herbal liqueur – and the Rye’n’Gosling – rye whisky and fresh-pressed apple juice – and all cocktails are served over special ice “nuggets”, ensuring that the taste and quality of the drink is never watered down. Regular live music makes The Bolt Hole the perfect place to come for an early dinner, then stay on long into the evening. Credit Photo: