4.6 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A family-run restaurant and bar in Cairo, Sachi stars with sensational style, sushi, and a range of seasonal cocktails like nothing else in the city.

Knowing the backstory behind a venue can only endear you to it, and at Sachi in Cairo, the owners go out of their way to make sure you know theirs. For starters, the name ‘Sachi’ is a tribute to their two children (it comes from blending their names together), and in Japanese, it also means ‘child of joy’. This grateful attitude is carried over to all guests, as they are treated like family, and subsequently leave filled with joy, and terrific food and cocktails.

Let’s start with Sachi’s decor, because it sets the tone for everything else. It’s sleek and modern (think marble table tops and bar and slate grey wooden floors), but full of warm touches like an entire wall made of green leaves, candlelight, and even a family portrait in a frame. The food is tantalizing, with their sushi and sashimi being a must-order. Naturally we’re most excited about the cocktails, which are a seasonal bunch, served up with precision at the Sachi’s swanky lounge section. Tipples like a Vodka Julep, Salty Smith, and Cetriolo are all gorgeously garnished and presented in perfect glassware to enhance their flavors, and will have you wondering why Cairo didn’t have a space like this sooner. 


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