U Bistro & Bar


U Bistro & Bar


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May 11, 2018

A posh and polished restaurant and cocktail space in Cairo, U Bistro & Bar has raised the bar on dining and nightlife in the Egyptian capital.

Raising the standard for restaurant-cum-nightspots in Cairo, U Bistro & Bar has created quite a stir since its arrival on the scene. Why? Well, by bringing a panache for plate presentation and cocktail craftsmanship to the sleekest of modern venues, they’ve managed to create something entirely unique to the city in the process. 

While the cocktails and food will have you talking long after you leave, you’ll first have your breath taken away by the glossy greeting that U Bistro & Bar’s decor offers. An inky palette of colors, marble, and dark woods brings a stately air to the proceedings, with playful pieces of modern art (including a bust of a horse flashing a million dollar smile) balancing things out brilliantly. 

When it comes time for the food and drink, U Bistro & Bar takes inspiration from French bistros and a multitude of Mediterranean flavors, with the menu offering a delectable tour of regions and flavors (think foie gras as a starter and fresh sea bass as a main). The cocktails complement them perfectly, and are crafted with a level of nuance on a par with the most respected of mixology dens. To top all this off, the sophisticated late night scene at U gets hopping most nights, but it never quite makes it over the threshold of being boisterous, thus allowing conversation, and drinks, to flow.