Windows of the World
    City-Center, Cairo

    About Windows of the World

    89 1926

    There are few other sights that come close. The view from the Windows of the World Bar at Cairo's Ramses Hilton Hotel is one you won't forget in a hurry. Time it right, catch it as the sun is setting, as the light is leaching from the sky and it's quite, quite stunning. From the 36th floor all of Cairo is spread out before you in all its clogged and chaotic glory. Beyond that sits the silver thread of the Nile and the faint peaks of the pyramids. You'll probably want something to drink to accompany the view and they serve a decent cocktail, though as with many bars in the city, alcohol is expensive. On most nights there'll be live jazz playing and you can eat here if you wish but the view is the main course and one worth taking the time to savour.

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