Hidden Rooms

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Hidden Rooms


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May 11, 2018

Housed in an old Roman building in a city filled with history, Hidden Rooms is a unique cocktail lounge and events space serving an array of creative drinks.

Housed in the basement of an old Victorian Roman bath house, Hidden Rooms would appear to be exactly that – hidden. Nothing apart from an unassuming sign outside the small white building would alert you to the presence of this lounge bar and events space, whose interior decor is in-keeping with the venue’s secretive name. Aside from the long, well-stocked wood-paneled bar, Hidden Rooms features several separate “chambers” featuring leather banquettes and ambient lighting and crowned by organza curtains – the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks with friends. Aside from that, the larger events space features many large, comfy leather armchairs and a widescreen TV, and in the past has held speed dating functions and televised sporting events. 

The drinks menu at Hidden Rooms is mindbogglingly large, running the gamut from vintage champagne to cider and sparkling wine. The cocktails list includes creative concoctions like the Marino Solero – spiced rum, passionfruit puree, mango juice, vanilla extract and prosecco – the tooth-achingly good Cocoa Crisis – vodka, chocolate and cream liqueurs, butterscotch schnapps, fresh cream and chocolate – and the Kochanie Cytryna – white rum, limoncello, orange liqueur, lemon juice, cream and lemon curd. There’s also plenty of classic cocktails (manhattans, cosmos, negronis, and the like) along with a wide range of top-shelf and house spirits, champagne cocktails, mocktails, wine and beer.
Photo credit:  http://www.hiddenroomsonline.com