The House of Machines

Cape Town-City-Center

May 11, 2018

The House of Machines is a unique urban space, one which blends a smart yet comfy café and bar with a motorbike shop and men’s fashion outlet.

The House of Machines is a unique urban space, one which blends a smart yet comfy café and bar with a motorbike shop and men’s fashion outlet. It’s an inventive fusion and one that works. Opened in late-August 2013, the venue is housed in a handsome century-old building and is the work of Brewers & Union co-owner Brad Armitage, fashion designer Paul van der Spuy and Drew Madacsi. All three are avid motorcycle enthusiasts and this passion is evident throughout the space. In the middle of the space is a coffee shop and there’s a big bike workshop at the back. A range of men’s apparel and accessories are on sale too.  The bar part of the operation serves up a exciting range of artisan beers and superior cocktails – including one of the best mojitos in the city. There’s nowhere else quite like this place and while motorcycle fans will obviously be in their element the drinks and the atmosphere as a whole have been designed to appeal to a far wider crowd. All this and live music too on weekends.

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