Bar 44 Tapas


Bar 44 Tapas


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May 11, 2018

Home to the finest flavors of Spain, Bar 44's exquisite cocktail, wine, beer, and sherry selection will have you convinced you boarded a plane south.

If when you think of a Spanish bar and restaurant, you simply just imagine dusty red wines and the typical tapas list, then you will be in for the most pleasant of surprises at Bar 44. Bar 44 is passionate about every single aspect of Spanish wine, beer, cocktails, and cider, and it shows in absolutely everything they do. It all starts with the design of the bar, which is as authentic as they come – lined with colorful tiles and murals under an arched cave-esque ceiling – and takes you away to the Iberian peninsula the moment you walk in. Once ready for a drink, you will find the cocktail menu placed in your hand painstakingly put together and full of drinks that all either feature Spanish ingredients or just simply have Spain as the inspiration behind them. Two examples are the Orange & Rosemary Fizz – a sunny take on the mimosa made with Valencia orange-flavored rum, blood orange juice, and cava – and the Pacha-hattan – aged American bourbon blended with Spanish liqueurs. As you would expect, gin and tonics are also specialties at Bar 44, served in glamorous goblets just like they do in Spain. On tap, you will find Spanish beers and the first ever Spanish cider to be poured in the United Kingdom. This is all to say nothing of the wine list, which features fresh and fun labels of both white and red from the best regions in Spain. Throw in mouth-watering food, and you have a bar like nothing else in the capital.