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Live Lounge


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May 11, 2018

Hosting handpicked artists each and every night of the week, The Live Lounge is Cardiff's live music capital with quality cocktails and food to match.

A mecca for music lovers in Cardiff, The Live Lounge plays host to scintillating gigs seven nights a week. It’s not always the tunes that are the star of the show here though, as the cocktails and food have evolved to become rock stars in their own right. Easily one of the most dynamic concert venues in Cardiff, or all of Britain for that matter, The Live Lounge hosts only handpicked bands, soloists, duos, tribute cover bands, and everything else on the musical spectrum from all over the UK. Management personally vouches for all acts, only booking in the best. The Live Lounge opens early to serve a menu packed with favorites like burgers, nachos, steaks, and fish & chips, alongside the highest quality coffee, perfect for lunch or dinner before the shows start. The party truly gets going when the sun goes down, as while the bands are setting up their equipment and performing their sound checks, the bartenders at The Live Lounge are pouring cocktails from a more-than-well-stocked bar. They can mix with the best in the city, but unlike some other spots, their cocktails are accompanied with very budget-friendly prices. The bar stays open late, when DJs typically take over the floor, adding yet another musical dimension to this bar that will have you begging for an encore.