J. Parker


J. Parker

Chicago-Lincoln Park

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Looking for a spot with a view? Check out J. Parker at Hotel Lincoln in Chicago. This stylish bar is on the 13th floor serving seasonal cocktails!

The rooftop lounge at the Hotel Lincoln takes its name ever so slightly macabrely – from the John Parker, one of Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguards who famously left the president’s side to go on a jolly the night the President was assassinated at Ford’s Theater in Washington. Perched on the 13th floor, the bar is stylish and cosmopolitan. The cocktail list, overseen by mixologist Erin Hayes, changes seasonally, paying homage to three different global cocktail cultures each time. Punches are available for six to eight people to share. Food will be provided by the folks at Perennial Virant downstairs in the Hotel Lincoln.