Night Out

Paris Club

Chicago-Near North Side

3.7 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Paris Club is a kind of mini City of Lights in Chicago! They have a great cocktail program with french inspiration and also a wide range of beer and wine.

Paris Club is a kind of mini City of Lights in Chicago, a real Hubbard Street hot spot. Now Paul McGee, one of the city’s biggest names in mixology, has been charged with overseeing the cocktail program. The inspiration, perhaps understandably is French, the kind of drinks you can sip when the weather is clement and romance is in the air. Witness the Riviera, a mix of gin, fresh pineapple juice and lime, and the Shell Beach, a rum-based drink with peaches and lime. They also serve a classic Sazerac, but it’s the tequila and cassis concoction that is the Diablo that really catches our eye (we do like a splash of cassis). The bar stocks a wide range of beer, both from Europe and the US, bottled and draft, and the wine list is also wide-ranging. In terms of food we’re also talking classic French fare with lobster frites, loup de mer, and foie gras mousse on the menu alongside some decadent desserts. The interior is golden and glowing, stylish, with a suitable dash of Parisian chic, coupled with a more glamorous urban American vibe.