Purple Pig


Purple Pig

Chicago-Near North Side

4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Looking for incredible food and drink? Check out the Purple Pig in Chicago. Expect a wait for a table even mid-week as this place is pretty popular.

The exec chef of Purple Pig, a favourite drinking and dining spot on the Magnificent Mile, specialising in Mediterranean fare, was recently nominated for an award by the James Beard Foundation with very good reason, it seems. The food here is superb, well sourced and impeccably prepared. The cocktail menu is also a thing of excitement, the drinks echoing the Mediterranean influences of the food. Classic pre diner tipples, like the Negroni and Milano Manhattan, are well executed. If you’re feeling a tad more adventurous the Velluto, a bourbon-based drink, incorporates the juice from the restaurant’s salt-roasted beets into the mix. On the food front, you’re looking at top quality cheese, charcuterie, and antipasta or ‘cheese, wine, swine’ as the sign says. There’s a whole section of the menu devoted to fried things including pigs’ ears with crispy kale, a dish of Brussels sprouts that’s packed full of flavour and some addictive chorizo stuffed olives. Their sweet Nutella sandwich with banana and marshmallow is a positively sinful way to wrap up your meal and they have an incredibly wide ranging wine list which roams all around Europe and includes some unusual varieties a Serbian white wine, for example. Expect a wait for a table even mid-week as this place is pretty popular.
photo credit: http://www.thepurplepigchicago.com/