Chicago-Near North Side

4.6 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

This brightly decorated spot has a lively atmosphere. Relax in Tanta with some delicious Peruvian food and pisco cocktail. Brilliant spot in Chicago.

Peruvian cuisine is gaining an increasing global profile. Gastón Acurio’s flagship restaurant is a case in point. The Peruvian-born, French-educated chef serves inventive versions of the food of his homeland alongside an intriguing complimentary cocktail programme which focuses on pisco-infused drinks. The classic Pisco Sour is the best place to start, light, frothy but with an underlying kick. Their versions of the Pisco Punch and the Moscow Mule, here called a Lima Llama, are also well worth sampling. The brightly decorated space dark wood, splashes of yellow leather, colourful wall art (in every sense) – has a casual, lively atmosphere and is just as good as a place to grab a cocktail or two or a shot of leche de tigre – at the bar as to go for a blow-out Peruvian feast. Small plates dominate the menu, though there are a few entrees too and the menu ranges across the country from its coast to its mountains taking in the many different flavours and culinary influences of Peru. The cebiche (aka ceviche) tasting plate, which features three variants on the famous Peruvian dish is a good place to start your meal, showcasing the diversity of the cuisine, and their meaty, rich Arroz con Pato is Peruvian comfort food at its finest.