Bow and Stern Oyster Bar
    Ukrainian Village, Chicago

    About Bow and Stern Oyster Bar


    This nautically themed farm-to-table gastropub in West Town sees Chicago's love affair with the bivalve continue unabated. Bow & Stern is the brainchild of Jay Runnfeldt, an amateur sailor in his spare time, as you may guess when you enter the space: a love for the water permeates the place. It's a clean, bright, light-filled space with serene wall art, sea-blue booth seating, the occasional port hole, the décor as a whole giving you the uncanny feel of being on deck somewhere sun-soaked. The oyster bar by the door is the key feature here and a distinctive briny tang hits you as you enter the space. Oysters are obviously the way to go and can be ordered fried, grilled, pickled or raw. The menu boasts an abundance of other seafood options too, including several ß-surf and turfß- selections (including a lobster-and-Wagyu combo if you're feeling indulgent). On the liquid front, there's a small but typically solid cocktail menu available, one which mixes seasonal sips with old favorites. There's also a super range of craft beers on offer, more than 40 different kinds in fact, many local, if you want to pair something hoppy with your platter of oysters on ice. If you're anything like us, however, it's a nice crisp flute of fizz you'll be wanting along with your seafood hit ß-a desire they're all too happy to accommodate.

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