The Aviary


The Aviary

Chicago-West Loop

4 / 5

May 11, 2018

If there are three words that perfectly frame the atmosphere, aesthetic and culture of The Aviary, it’s creativity, innovation and modernity.

This is a cocktail establishment that puts molecular gastronomy at the forefront. Grant Achatz, the brain behind the bar and also the man behind the world-renowned restaurant Alinea, has evolved into an experimental cocktail connoisseur. The staff are trained like chefs, to truly develop their palates and allow them to understand the depth of the variety of fiery flavour combinations. Utilising infusion flasks, rotary evaporators and blast chillers, these are cocktails with a fine-dining approach. All the ingredients are meticulously sourced and married together to create some of the world’s most intricate and revolutionary cocktails. These are not your common tipples or garden beverages.

For a true taste of this gastronomic drinking experience, try their famous Rooibos cocktail, served in what looks like a Bunsen burner contraption. It is perfectly crafted by brewing rooibos tea with cinnamon, saffron, vanilla, cardamom, crushed almonds, mint, verbena and lavender in a vacuum flask. Or for something even more theatrical why not try the In the Rocks where you’ll have to extract the drink by cracking open an ice shell with a small tool. The innovation of this bar knows no bounds. Next up is the infinitely chilled Pineapple, where the ice is frozen to the inside of the glass to keep it constantly icy cold. Genius. All of these cocktails perfectly complement the selection of delicious light bites served up throughout the evening. How about a nibble of some tempura crab or premium wagyu beef as you sit back and sip on your cocktail creation? This is more than an evening out, it is an experience. An experience that absolutely cannot be missed.