Sportsman Club

Night Out

Sportsman Club

Chicago-West Town

4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Sportsman Club in Chicago, US is a small and worldly ‘hunting club’ style bar that offers exciting draft beers and wines.

 A small polish dive bar with hunters club feel is sure to cause interest in Chicago. This classic bar is one of a kind, with specialist rotating drinks. If taxidermy freaks you out then perhaps this is not the place for you. Deer heads, antlers and other odd creatures hang upon the walls everywhere in Sportsman club, along with a beautiful French tapestry of a ‘hunting’ scene. Giving off the vibe of a French hunting club, the owners have tried to make this bar simple but novel. Their hand crafted booth tables are very interestingly also chessboards, which means that you can keep yourselves occupied while your drink is being made! Sportsman have a selection of world crafted beers on tap as well as terroir wine, where their grapes are procured from ‘unfamiliar’ regions. While many of their drinks actually originate from Poland after their heritage, being a bar for the polish immigrants, they also have 4 specific rotating cocktails. While the menu does change on a weekly basis allowing the bar to come up with new ideas and flavours, you should ask for their ‘off menu shot of the day!’ There is also their classic ‘sportsman cocktail’ that is made up from amaro, absinthe and tart cherry. It’s important to note that this bar doesn’t serve any food, so feel free to bring your own or order in! 

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