Sundry and Vice

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Sundry and Vice


4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Designed in the style of an old apothecary, Sundry and Vice serves up cocktail "remedies" to all that ails you, along with boozy ice cream floats and beers.

It’s not every day that an apothecary-themed bar opens up, let alone one that pulls off said theme with style and grace, yet that’s exactly what Sundry and Vice have done. Housed within a stylish red brick townhouse, the Cincinnati bar’s windows are lined with apothecary bottles (some of which still contain old-time potions) and inside, the walls are lined with ancient prescriptions. Add to this the long, narrow shape of the building, the sleek leather booths and bar stools and the ambient glow from old-fashioned street lamps, and the atmosphere inside Sundry and Vice is definitely unique.   When it comes to the drinks menu, Sundry and Vice’s cocktails are simple and contain only a handful of ingredients, including homemade syrups, which the bartending team believe is in-keeping with old fashioned tinctures and alcoholic “remedies” of the past. Favorite concoctions include The Night Cure – bourbon, lemon, honey and grapefruit oil – and Dr. Shiloh’s System Vitalizer – mezcal, lime, pineapple, ginger, bitters and soda. The bar also features “draft” cocktails (ready-made and ready to pour) including Pimm’s Cups and Old Fashioneds, along with a selection of American and international craft beers and a small wine list. At the weekends, the bar panders to your inner child with a variety of boozy ice cream floats, along with cold-pressed coffee and zesty Bloody Marys.