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    Take a classically-elegant lounge complete with Chesterfield sofas, side tables and antique lamps, add a sparkling disco ball and a small dance floor and you have yourself the interior of Friesen, a happening hot-spot in Cologne's popular Friesenvirtel neighbourhood. Created by two bartenders who are stars of the German mixology circuit, Friesen is the perfect place to start - and end - your night, sipping creative cocktails presented in unique and enchanting ways.Friesen offers both bar and table service, and the drinks card is bursting with classic and contemporary concoctions. You'll find all your favorites here - think mai tais, martinis and mojitos - with a few house specials thrown in for good measure. The bartender's' favorite by far is the Tennessee Ice Tea; whiskey infused with Earl Grey and muddled with lemon juice, sugar, a secret homemade cinnamon essence (whose recipe is disclosed only under threat of death, or something to that effect) and either ginger ale or bitter lemon. There are also seasonal cocktails (in summer look out for the Rouge Noir which combines fresh strawberries and lemon with homemade vanilla vodka) and a selection of wine, champagne and beer on tap. Friesen hosts regular live music and events - which is where the aforementioned disco ball comes into play - and can even provide catering for private events, such as special brunches and group dinners.

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