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  • Jazz & Blues
3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Balderdash is a bar deliberately without a concept in Copenhagen Denmark that does themes based on what the bartenders feel like and cocktails to match.

Placed in the middle of one the oldest parts of Copenhagen, Balderdash resides in an old building from 1732.  The old fireplace from the days before central heating is still in use, and the slow burning fire gives a great warmth and cosiness to this unique bar. The concept at Balderdash is that there is no concept is. If  the bartenders feel like having a tiki cocktail party, they’ll do just that. Most importantly for the owner, Geoffrey Canilao, is that the bar becomes a living part of the old building. The décor is minimalistic with dimmed lights and smooth jazz giving the place a relaxed and cool vibe. The main bar is upstairs and serves a wide selection of signature cocktails like a blue Negroni and an espresso martini made with slush ice. Downstairs, by the fireplace, you find the whisky bar and next to it a small “cocktail laboratory”. Here, for example, the bartenders experiment with removing the red colour from Campari in order to be able to serve a blue Negroni. They also infuse the acid from ants into spirits to discover and find new taste notes. It’s very fascinating to see and at with all cocktails priced at 110 kr., you should not cheat yourself from this very rare and intriguing cocktail experience. The menu is, by the way, currently decorated with delicate Danish vintage nude pictures from the 1960’s.