Bar Next Door

Bar Next Door


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Named because it is next door to three of Copenhagen's best restaurants Bar Next Door is a great place for a pre or post dinner cocktail

Right next to three of Copenhagen’s most popular restaurants you will find Bar Next Door: Hence the name. From the bar you have a great view of one the five lakes in Copenhagen and in the summertime outdoor service makes it an ideal place to enjoy a drink before and after dinner. In fact, you can order in food from one of the next door restaurants and enjoy a great big steak with your favorite cocktail. Prices here are very reasonable. Only 95 kr. for all the cocktails on the ever changing menu. And that’s a good deal. The cocktails are deliciously balanced and creatively thought through. You won’t find any long, detailed descriptions of the cocktails here – instead the skilled bartenders serve them fast so you won’t have to wait forever for your drink. The mood is relaxed with rock music from the 70’s and 80’s playing softly in the background. And it suits the place well. This is a bar you go to for good service and both classic and signature cocktails. The menu consists of an even selection of tequila, gin and bourbon cocktails and you’ll find all your classic favorites either on the menu or on the back of the bartenders hand. This bars mission is not to invent new cocktails but to make great cocktails. An example of that is the pre-batched negroni which is a big hit in the bar which opened its doors last autumn. The large negroni bottle is never emptied – just refilled with gin, Campari and vermouth which gives an excellent smoothness to this classic cocktail. It’s perfect both before and after dinner.