Salotto 42
    City-Center, Copenhagen

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    An Italian living room in the middle of Copenhagen. It might sound strange but it’s nevertheless the newest addition to the city’s cocktail scene. Bringing with them years of experience from their cocktail bars in Rome and Capri in their home land of Italy, the two owners have made this new bar one of the coziest in town. Salotto means living room in Italian and that’s the setting they are going for. They even made room for three barber chairs and a small shoe shop in this multipurpose bar.
    Read More Here you find books and green plants on the bar shelves and the comfortable chairs and sofas make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy amazing cocktails. Each cocktail comes with a small appetiser that will leave you ordering more drinks just for the Italian style finger food that comes with. It’s one of the only – if not the only – cocktail bar in Copenhagen that serves food with the drinks and as the prices range from 100-140 kr. per cocktail, it is a very good deal. The cocktails themselves are excellently mixed by international bartenders with the best of training. They serve a wide selection of new and classic cocktails with a special love for Italian vermouth. Prebatched negronis that mature for days or weeks on sherry casks to get just the right taste are among their specialities.

    Opening hours are from 10 in the morning till midnight on weekdays and 02 on weekends. Both service and cocktails are very, very good. Salut!


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