The Barking Dog


The Barking Dog


4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Barking Dog bar in Copenhagen is a British style pub serving an interesting selection of drinks, including non-alcoholic specialities.

Found within the narrow streets of Sankthanstorv and The Lakes, The Barking Dog bar is a modern British style pub and cocktail bar in Copenhagen. Emitting a relaxed and cosy feel, it is easy to see why so many people love to visit!

While many places use loud DJs, and big lights, The Barking Dog likes to keep things simple and quiet. They pride themselves on keeping the music low so that you can hear your conversation and enjoy your friends or families company. The décor within this bar is much like a British pub, dark wood, chequered flooring but simple and homely. 

Most of their drinks are already pre mixed within barrels, which means that their serving time is cut down dramatically, ensuring you can get your drinks quickly and without fuss! There are several drinks that stand out, the first being the ‘aviation’ cocktail, which is designed as a pre-dinner drink, containing gin, lemon and cherry liquor! Their speciality cocktail Diablo is definitely worth a try, but their ingredients kept somewhat secret. An exciting concept that The Barking Dog have is their ‘hot cocktails’ such as the ‘Diplomat’ that is hot mint tea infused with rum and lemon. What we love is they also have a rather impressive menu of non alcoholic drinks, and we recommend the ‘ting time’ which is mint, grapefruit and lime!