Late Night Drinking


Copenhagen-København K

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May 11, 2018

An award-winning cocktail bar and nightclub hiding behind a hidden door in Copenhagen, Blume is a stylish and chic spot to dance or chill in the capital.

Hidden behind a secret door in the center of Copenhagen, Blume rewards all who seek it out with one of the most sumptuous locales in the city for cocktails and music on the weekends. Let’s talk about that hidden entrance though, shall we? We won’t give too much away, but we will say that once you reach the address listed, you need to look both high and low, and once inside, you will be greeted by gregarious hosts. Blume unfurls beautifully before your eyes from there, with charcoal grey stone walls, gold laced floral wallpaper, and soft lighting throughout, all complemented by a bar stacked with spirits and a refrigerator full of champagne bottles. There’s definitely a scene to be seen here, but at its heart, Blume is a cocktail den, and they crank out some of the finest in the city all night long. Among our favorites are the award-winning Norseman Sour (gin, sea buckthorne, lemon juice and lashings of licorice flavor), the cool Cucumber Yum Yum (gin, aquavit, cucumber, raspberry, honey, and lime juice), and the fizzy and fun Bubbly Blume (elderflower, orange blossom, chambord, lemon juice, and sparkling wine). To these tipples, add lines of both classic and seasonal cocktails in addition to the aforementioned champagne bottles, and you have the start to a sensational weekend, which gets taken up yet another level by the top-notch DJs that mash-up disco, funk and electronic until the wee hours.