Night Out

The Jane

Copenhagen-København K

4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A sophisticated award-winning subterranean cocktail den in Copenhagen inspired by the TV show Mad Men, The Jane is all it's advertised and then some.

Bringing all who enter its doors back to the era of polished ladies, suave gentleman, and the cocktails they adored, The Jane has quickly become one of Copenhagen’s most popular bar and club combinations.  Located in the heart of this gorgeous harbor city, entering The Jane is to be whisked away to another time and place; in particular, one that takes inspiration from the smash American drama Mad Men. Each step you descend after entry brings you closer to this retro-tastic world, and when you finally emerge into the main subterranean bar, the journey is complete. Immediately surrounded by soft-and-shiny leather chairs, wooden shelves loaded with books, flickering candles, and gilded portraits, you are going to want a sophisticated tipple to take it all in, and this is where The Jane really excels. The Jane has garnered several accolades in the city for its mastery of mixology, so whether you want to sip some whisky on the rocks like our favorite advertising executives from New York or indulge in a four-ingredient classic cocktail, they have you covered. And to top things off, as the night goes on at The Jane, a set of the aforementioned bookshelves slides open to reveal a club (you didn’t think they were there just for decoration, did you?) that keeps things very lively until very late.