Night Out

the Zoo

Copenhagen-København K

3.7 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The scion of a legendary nightclub in Copenhagen, The Zoo has all the the glamour and flair of the original with the addition of stylish modern twists.

We typically don’t dig too deep into a venue’s history on these pages, but it is important to know that there was a venue called ‘Zoo Bar’ in Copenhagen for years, and that ‘The Zoo’ has now opened up in the same space. The original was known for being a glamorous celebrity hangout, and The Zoo has also attracted a glitzy modern crowd to its stylish space by paying homage to its predecessor in everything it does. These include unique decor touches like stylish tiles plastered on the walls, shiny silverwork, bold splashes of contrasting art work, the largest disco ball in the city, and most importantly for us, dazzling cocktails and DJs.

We love the fact that the drinks here are dished out by a team of bartenders that has mastered the art of maintaining quality during times of quantity, and their drinks pair perfectly with the beats from the DJs. They’ve recently removed the kitchen to expand the dance floor, and this has led to the scene soaring to whole new level, and we are happy to report that the later the night gets, the livelier the action gets, but what else would you expect from a place called The Zoo?