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May 11, 2018

Counihans in cork, Ireland is a two story pub and bar that show off complete contrast on each level.

Counihans may look like a traditional Irish pub from the outside of Pembroke street but within, are two floors that are a complete contrast. The first floor is that of an age old pub, with dark wooden walls and cabinets displaying a selection of tasty treats, accompanied by a big glossy bar at the centre. There are typical bar stools downstairs, with booth seating to snuggle into while watching some football on the big screens. However, take yourself up a flight of stairs and it is a completely different story. The second floor is a modern bar with a large amount of space to dance away. You can grab a place at one of their black leather seating arrangements and take a look up at their beautiful roof windows showing off the stars. Live performances are hosted regularly, so be sure to pop in on jazz night and enjoy the show. This level is also fully equipped with projectors just in case there is a big TV event that you really don’t want to miss. Counihans have a private function room too, which they can set up for all types of events, such as private parties and business meetings.