Tahitian Village


4 / 5

Mar 07, 2021

Located on the ground floor of the Hilton hotel, Tahitian Village brings a touch of tropical paradise to Doha. With…

Located on the ground floor of the Hilton hotel, Tahitian Village brings a touch of tropical paradise to Doha.

With its beautiful views of the gulf and typical thatch-roofed beach huts, Tahitian Village will transport you to a sunny, Polynesian-inspired holiday in the heart of Doha. Famous for its boozy Friday brunches, friendly atmosphere and great drinks, it takes everything you’d love and expect from a beach club and pushes it up a notch.

The food offering is a tasty mix of Malaysian curries, Kung Pao chicken, and grilled lamb skewers. Grilled meat is a highlight of the menu and the venue has several open-air barbecues all over the terrace to entice you with gorgeous smoky smells. Live music is constant and you will often find brunch clients staying for drinks and partying the afternoon away. At Tahitian Village, there’s no need to wait for the sun to set for the ambience to kick in. The party starts at 4PM and the friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere will ensure that you have an amazing time. The drinks menu is similar to its beloved Tradervics neighbor and comprises an extensive list of international wines and well-crafted cocktails. Famous for its Mai Tai, try the classic version or a Guava Tai, a secretly formulated, fun-inducing mix of guava and light and gold rums. The Aroy, a cucumber, honey, citrus and vodka cocktail, is also an instant favorite.

The extensive cocktail menu will make you want to sample a bit of everything, so enjoy the afternoon with a Pogo Stick, a blend of gin, pineapple and grapefruit juice, or even a Peach Tree Punch, a “fishbowl of a drink” with light rum, peach and orange flavors smoothened by a splash of coconut. The cocktail bowls to share are also chock-full of flavors and will ensure that you and your friends never go thirsty. You won’t see time go by at this lively and perfectly located bar, and what was supposed to be a quick after work drink might take you until well after the sunset. A great ambience, stunning sea views, colorful and flavorful drinks and a fun and hip crowd mark Tahitian Village as a definite go-to while in Doha.