3 / 5

May 11, 2018

The New-York style seafood bar in Dubai shows off an amazing menu whilst entertaining its guests with highly skilled staff. It is the perfect destination to sit and unwind while enjoying the night filled with specialist cocktails.

The contemporary Catch is one of the best seafood houses that Dubai has to offer. The bar does well tying together its original New York style, and modern themes. Freshly caught seafood is served up here, displayed on an open sushi kitchen in the middle of the room. The menu offers the choice of rolled, cold or hot fish with freshly grilled being a popular choice. They can also serve up a tomahawk ribeye steak, which might sit perfectly after some crunchy tuna rice cakes. The urban Catch lounge is the perfect place to chill-out and catch up with some friends, with some all-time favourite tunes playing in the background. The stylish bar is also available to hire privately or semi-privately for events.

Catch offers some of the most creative cocktails in Dubai, so you must try something new, such as the ‘hook, line and sinker’. Or you could try the bartender’s favourite; ‘bath thyme’ which is a mixture of gin, thyme, elderflower, lemon and orange liquor. All cocktails are served up to look fantastic and taste like no other.