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4.3 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Decadent and stylish, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge, which serves up award-winning food and an international drinks card, is as well-dressed as its patrons.

The name of the game is decadence at PLAY Restaurant and Lounge, and it oozes out of everything they create. From the food menu filled with delights like fresh lobster and raw wagyu topped with caviar, to the cigar selection and interior decor, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge sets out to impress. Upon entering, you’ll probably be bowled over by the plush design of the dining room – gold-inlaid tables, neutral creams and browns, geometric ceiling lighting – and then your gaze will probably move to the panoramic windows offering a wonderful view of Dubai’s twinkling lights. Next, you may happen upon the circular bar at the back of the venue, bathed in white light and adorned with light fittings that look like trumpets. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll possibly squeal a little (or maybe that was just us?) at the drinks card, crammed with international wines and champagnes, as well as classic and contemporary cocktails served in attractive glassware. The bartenders at PLAY Restaurant and Lounge are just as creative as the chefs, whipping up seasonal libations with fresh fruit, flower and herb garnishes and hand-crafted ice. As if the award-winning food and drinks weren’t enough to whet your appetite, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge also plays host to an international DJ set who provide the perfect backdrop to your evening.