The Rooftop


The Rooftop


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May 11, 2018

The Rooftop in Dubai is the best place to unwind after a day's shopping and sightseeing. A beautiful rooftop with unbeatable views!

Part of the exclusive One & Only Royal Mirage resort, The Rooftop is a superb place to unwind after a day’s shopping and sightseeing. A circular bar sits at the centre of the lounge area, buzzing with people sipping drinks, relaxing and soaking up the day’s major sporting events on large television monitors.

But don’t be put off if back to back sport isn’t your idea of a good time the real attraction of this place is, as the name suggests, on the roof. So leave the jocks downstairs and head on up to the amazing terrace, a stunning space focused around a central dome. Dubai boasts its fair share of rooftop bars but the views here are pretty unbeatable, taking in the Gulf and Palm Island.

Lounging on an embroidered beanbag, with candlelight twinkling from ethnic lanterns, drinks perched on tables whimsically fashioned from tin drums, and a canopy of stars arching overhead, you can easily lose yourself to the utter charm of the place. A few puffs on a shisha will complete the effect, and some carefully chosen chilled out beats provide the perfect soundtrack to enjoy it all by.

It will be no surprise that the cocktails don’t come cheap here, but when the booze is served alongside scenery like this we reckon it’s worth digging that little bit deeper. Whether you’re dropping by for a pre-dinner drink or settling in for the night, The Rooftop is a truly magical place in which to end your day.

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