Stereo Arcade


Stereo Arcade

Dubai-Jumeirah Beach Residence

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May 11, 2018

An arcade, bar and club rolled into one, Stereo Arcade is the ultimate nightlife destination in Dubai.

The quirky retro club Stereo Arcade is a scene of old-meets-new. The red-bricked club walls are lined with classic arcade machines. Neon lights pave the way through the club, with bright signs and small retro look drinks tables (with glasses and drinks inside), it will transport you back into the 80’s! 

Located in the Hilton Double Tree hotel, Stereo Arcade is a mixture of a typical bar, an 80s arcade and a chic rock club. The Arcade contains 12 custom-made machines, all hand-built in Bristol just for Stereo Arcade, with 80’s classics from Robotron and Pacman to Street Fighter II and Mortal Combat. You should expect the music in the arcade to be very techno/synth based. 

The bar area plays a range of music but mainly focusing on rock. Whilst you would think the arcade is the main attraction, the drinks here are exquisite. Grab a cocktail while gaming to quench your thirst with happy hour from 6-8PM. Don’t miss the awesome feature of the antique wooden Beiruti cart-wheel turned chandelier hanging above while you drink!

There then is the retro club, on the opposite side to the bar, which likes to tie in with the retro theme and play a range of music from the 80’s and 90’s to modern day hits. 

This is definitely one of Dubai’s must see bars, as it is the only place around that combines not only a club and a bar but an arcade too!

Main photo credits: Stereo Arcade official facebook page