Bow Lane

Bow Lane


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A late-night hub in Dublin, Bow Lane is making some of the best cocktails in the city, and combining them with fantastic fare at both dinner and brunch.

A late night Dublin bar that appeals to every cross-section of the city, Bow Lane has quickly become an iconic cocktail spot in the capital. How have they become a favorite so fast? Well, by focusing on handcrafted cocktails that would feel at home in a master mixology den, craft beer and spirits, but also serving those libations alongside familiar brands and a menu full of modern takes on classic Irish food. This way, everyone feels welcome, and everyone seems like they have heeded the call, as the bar is packed nearly each and every night.

First and foremost though, Bow Lane is a cocktail bar, and their collection is something to truly behold, as each and every major spirit has been awarded a list of stunning mixes. Some of the finest examples include the vodka-laden 4th Avenue Mix-up (mango-flavored vodka, calvados, passion fruit, raspberry, lime & cranberry juice, and egg white, shaken & served tall over lemonade-tinged ice), the gin-centric Sherbert You Can’t Be Serious (a premium gin martini served with  cool house made sherberts), and the rum-tastic Lady Penelope (3-year-old rum, sake, lychee liqueur, yuzu lemon, fresh basil, apple juice). Lovers of whisky cocktails, cocktails made with sparkling wine, and mocktails, are also well catered for. It’s not all mixology here, as Bow Lane can also whip up a classic whisky on the rocks alongside a simple stout, and that’s part of what makes the place special.

Throw in fantastic food in the form of gourmet pub bites, brunch, and more elegant gastronomic delights, and you have a combination downright dominating the nights (and mornings) in Dublin.
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