The Exchequer
    City-Center, Dublin

    About The Exchequer

    2272 8102

    The Exchequer has quickly gathered a reputation as one of the coolest eating and drinking places in Dublin. Hip but relaxed in atmosphere, the bar picked up the prize for Best Gastropub in 2010 and it deserves it. The food is excellent, seasonal Irish dishes using mainly local produce and served with aplomb (the Sunday roasts are well-loved for a reason). They don't stint on the drinks either and serve a nice line in cocktails alongside a decent wine list. The d├ęcor is stylish but comfortable, with squashy brown leather armchairs contrasting nicely with a striking ceiling that curls and curves over the bar. On weekends the venue takes on a clubby feel, with DJs playing and the drinks flowing. Bear in mind it's a popular place and can get pretty packed.

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