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Bar Alexandra


4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Masters of modern mixology techniques (especially the art of barrel-aging), Bar Alexandra is without a doubt one of the finest cocktail bars in Dusseldorf.

Home to some of the finest cocktail pours in all of Dusseldorf, Bar Alexandra is a sleek modern venue that specializes in barrel-aging and bringing together up-to-the-minute mixology techniques with retro cocktail recipes.

Decked out in bold reds and blacks, as soon as you walk through the door at Bar Alexandra, the colors make an immediate impression. Black exudes an ambiance of class anywhere, but here it’s taken to a new level, as the slick ebony chairs at the bar and the jet black shelves of spirits behind it are all cut from a luxurious cloth. The walls and candles are tinged with red, and once you sample the cocktails on offer here, all your friends who didn’t join you are bound to be red with jealousy. That’s because the team has created a card that masterfully brings both classic and forgotten recipes to life with a level of precision only to be found in the present-day cocktail world.

Many popular tipples here also feature spirits that have been aged in barrels in-house, with Bar Alexandra recently receiving recognition from a major rum brand for their superior maturing skills. The process takes time, and is not for the faint of heart (or patience-averse), but once the flavorful barrel infuses the spirits, Bar Alexandra makes sure they are used with the most spectacular of results.