LiQ Bar


4.4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Serving up a little swagger on the side of its swizzle, the award-winning LiQ Bar in Dusseldorf is not to be missed on any serious tipple tour of the city.

One of the most acclaimed bars in the entire Rhine region of Germany, LiQ brings together a bold bar style with top-notch modern mixing skills to give all who enter a dazzling night out in Dusseldorf. Before we get to the great drinks they’re dishing out here, we simply must talk about the interior of LiQ, as it is quite something to behold. A play on the double meaning of the bar’s name, there is a massive set of Rolling Stones-style white lips above the bar, and when gazed upon alongside the neon pink and purple light strips in the ceiling, it will definitely have you wondering what decade you’ve stepped into. Yes, LiQ definitely has a ‘Big 80s’ vibe to us, and the bartenders decked out in suspenders and bowties balance it out perfectly. It’s definitely the new millennium when it comes time for the drinks, however, as the staff concocts modern mixes with ingredients from all over the globe. A few of our favorites are the Piña Equator (double cask aquavit, mezcal, thyme, lime, and fresh pineapple juice), a wintry Maple Bourbon Pie (bourbon, bitters, maple syrup, and orange), and an iced coffee cocktail with genever, milk, sugar, and local artisan coffee.