Square Bar


4.7 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Home to a timeless decor and stunning modern drinks doled out by an expert team, Square Bar is one of the leaders in Dusseldorf's cocktail scene.

An intriguing mix of vintage decor and up-to-the-minute mixology techniques, Square Bar in Dusseldorf has quietly become one of the hippest spots to have a drink the city.  We say quietly, because Square Bar has a stated policy of not advertising itself as traditional bars would, thus allowing the word about the drinks and the unique atmosphere to only spread organically. This gives you a bit of insight into the independent team behind the bar, which is fronted by a youthful veteran of the regional bar scene, who actually used to walk by the location of Square Bar for his previous job, and often thought it would make a good spot for a bar. Fast forward to today, and he’s all moved in alongside one of the grandest bar decors in the city, turning the room on its head with stunning modern mixology marvels. Yes, the surrounds are stately in the form of dark woods, splashes of regal blue paint, a grand mirror behind the bar, and classic wooden bar stools. There’s even a vintage pinstriped awning to enter under. The tipples on offer couldn’t be more up-to-the-minute though, and are a constantly-evolving group including ingredients from all over the world. Delicious recent examples include an ‘East meets West’ cocktail called The Clash (Ceylon orange tea-infused bourbon, Buddha’s Hand cordial, Italian aperitif, and French liqueur) and the Meadows of Erkelborough (premium gin infused with plantain, lime, homemade honey clover syrup, premium British sparkling water, and Spanish bitters).