Lucky Liquor co.


Lucky Liquor co.


4.5 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Eclectic, fun and quirky: just three words to describe Edinburgh's Lucky Liquor Co., serving a range of delicious cocktails that change every few months.

Everything about Lucky Liquor Co. is quirky from the outset – from its neon pink sign welcoming you through its doors, to its unusual shape, painted brick walls, teal chairs and bright exposed light fixtures. But all of these things add up to something wonderfully unique, ensuring Lucky Liquor Co. carves out its own niche in a city full of creative cocktail bars (three of which were created by the same people behind this venture). Lucky Liquor Co.’s menu is displayed on one of those old fashioned boards with plastic letters – yet another fun touch – and changes every few months, ensuring that customers never get bored with the drinks selection. Cocktails are creative and often poured into unique glassware or garnished with some entertaining additions. Popular concoctions have included the Clarified Horchata – tequila, raicilla, milk, almond milk, pineapple, spices, sugar, lemon and green tea – and the Bare Necessities – whisky, pear liqueur, lemon, lime and roasted ant rim (providing a clue as to the Jungle Book theme of the name). There’s also a small selection of international beers and a “guest beer” which changes weekly, as well a well-rounded – mainly European – wine list. As if the drinks at Lucky Liquor Co. weren’t enough, there’s always a regular backdrop of old school soul and funk tunes (and if you don’t like them, the bar invites you to bring your own records on Sunday nights) and bookshelves filled with classics for you to peruse while you sip.