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    Aiming to pry away some of the pretence that has seeped into the cocktail scene as of late, The San Francisco Bay Area's Prizefighter concentrates on hand-crafting excellent cocktails in a down-to-earth and comfortable environment, encouraging everyone to leave the attitude at the door. Started by one of San Francisco's leading bartending teams, the staff at Prizefighter has all the skill and finesse in them to impress you with dazzling displays of mixology, but opts for a low-key approach instead; a direction they passionately feel the cocktail world should be heading in. Prizefighter aims to be a place where everyone is welcome - especially those who live in the neighbourhood - and won't be intimidated by the cocktail menu, and they succeed spectacularly. The drink list at Prizefighter is full of cocktails that may be basic in composition - usually no more than three ingredients - but punch above their weight in taste and flavour. Simple favourites like the Bee's Knees - gin, lemon, and honey - and the Nuevo Viejo - Scotch, maple, and bitters - are clean and refreshing, and due to their short list of ingredients, leave no room for bartender error. This is a challenge that Prizefighter embraces, also showcasing its skills with a range of shareable punch bowl cocktails like the Celebration - blood orange, sparkling wine, ginger beer,and chai - alongside a list of light and thirst-quenching drinks specifically crafted to be be enjoyed on their sunny patio.  

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